Americas Cardroom bringing BOTs to their virtual knees!

October 14, 2019 Posted in Online Poker

Americas Cardroom bringing BOTs to their virtual knees

One of the best aspects of online poker is that you get to compete against other human players.  Compare that to other forms of online gambling where you play against the house and it’s easy to understand poker’s popularity. 

Unfortunately, some poker players try to undermine the spirt of the game and give themselves an edge by making use of prohibited BOTs.  It’s actually been a widespread problem for two decades, which is why we’re particularly excited about what Americas Cardroom has managed to do. They?ve done a crushing blow to the BOTs.

Recently, online BOT provider War Bot removed Americas Cardroom from their list of supported sites, and Shanky technologies ( and Kraken, Medusa ( have reported that their BOTS are currently not working on the site. Their sadness should bring you joy since now you can confidently play against actual humans, at least at ACR.

Making major headway against BOTs is no small feat. Americas Cardroom now employs several methods to stamp them out.  First, they’ve retooled their software.  Second, they’ve expanded their BOT detection team. Third, they’ve introduced a policy to reimburse players if a BOT is detected.  So far, they’ve banned a total of 12 players and refunded $450,000 to affected players.

There’s no better way to celebrate the almost death of BOTs than by bringing your bankroll to Americas Cardroom.? The site is about to make history with an epic $6 Million tournament. The excitement begins on November 27th, but why wait?? You can win your $2,650 seat right now by taking advantage of their $0 step tournaments.? You’ll also find lots of cheap satellites too.? Just don’t bother showing up if you’re a BOT. Click the picture below for more information, and use signup BONU$ code: Grind247

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