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June 25, 2019 Posted in Online Poker

Start your online poker engines: You can get into The $5 Million Venom through a $0 freeroll

In the market for a new car? You will be when you hear this. Americas Cardroom is hosting Step tournaments for The $5 Million Venom. With $1 million for first place, you?ll be tempted to buy a new car, even if you have nowhere to park it ? even if you don?t have a driver?s license.

It gets better. Your new car could end up costing you absolutely nothing if you win your Venom seat and crush the tournament starting in a Step 1 freeroll. They happen daily at 12am, 4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm ET. Collectively, the freerolls pay out 113 tickets to Step 2.

Step tournaments let you work your way to The $5 Million Venom slowly but surely. Or as close to surely as you can get, especially with these great odds:

? Step 2 ($6.61 buy-in) ? 25 Seats guaranteed to Step 3 (1 in 2.75 win)
? Step 3 ($16.51 buy-in) ? 15 Seats guaranteed to Step 4 (1 in 3.6 win)
? Step 4 ($55.01 buy-in) ? 6 Seats guaranteed to Step 5 (1 in 3.9 win)
? Step 5 ($215.01 buy-in) ? 5 Seats guaranteed to Step 6 (1 in 3.15 win)
? Step 6 ($630.01 buy-in) ? 1 Venom Seat guaranteed (1 in 4.41 win)

In all, Americas Cardroom is pumping $120,000 into Venom Steps, with the goal of putting more people in the July 14th tournament.

Want to win your seat? How about three of them? That?s what Thomas Cannuli is trying to do with the Cannuli Challenge, a 3-month quest to lock down three Venom seats starting with a $0 bankroll. We say you should go for it, too.? ?

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