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After evaluating several poker software programs we have decide that this program is one of the best?.

Holdem Poker Manager


Brand New Interface
The art + science of winning poker. Know your opponent, review / analyze your results and maximize your profit!

  • A completely new interface gives you an unprecedented amount of information and control. Most importantly, it delivers it in an amazingly intuitive way.
  • Performance enhancements abound! A re-designed database allows HM2 to set a new poker software?standard in responsiveness to even the most advanced queries. HM1 has long been the industry leader in ability to handle large databases. HM2 builds on that lead with even more robust capabilities to manage the ever expanding size of hand databases, boasting import speeds double, or even triple those of HM1.
  • There are several new reports which were made with both cash and tournament players in mind. All reports, including those newly added, have a standard view and a graph view.
  • Filters, filters, and more filters! If you can dream it, HM2 will filter for it.
  • While most people use a small basic set of stats, there is an incredible array of new stats that are built into HM2. Currently there are over 1000 stats in HM2. That’s more than double the amount of stats inside of HM1.
  • The new Session View includes a consolidated panel for all the tools that you most commonly use in an active session.


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