Optimal Strategies For Playing In A Short Handed Sit And Go Tournament

April 18, 2018 Posted in Poker Strategy

Optimal strategies for playing in a shorthanded sit and go round tournament don?t just involve playing tight and aggressive like most guides suggest. These games are not for the meek and modest. Timing is critical and playing aggressive is only part of a good strategy. The following are a optimal strategies to ensure you get to your goal which of course is the big pot of money!

In the very early stages of the game the player should stick to good hands or play tight. Fold anything that is not a big hand.

Look for potential in your hand. Be prepared to play with small pairs or aces with a suited kicker. Looking for the potential is important but knowing when to fold is also useful.

Bet big when you play with the bigs. If your hand has pairs of face cards like Kings, Queens, and Aces your bets should be large enough to double the pot. This will prompt the other players to fold most-likely. A player with face cards may raise you which statistically the odds are small that they have Aces and you have kings or queens.

So you have a hand with two pairs and a high kicker, seize the moment. Do not wait with this hand make your move.

Don?t panic if it feels like your using your shirt. Being short stacked is not the end of the world. Knowing how to play your hand to build back up is the key. There are many ways to build back up so your opponent doesn?t walk away with your money.

Alternatively if another player is short stacked put the pressure on them. Raise the stacks they?ll soon make a profitable mistake hopefully in your favor.

Raise just to get rid of the weak bettors. Usually the weak bettors don?t have anything anyway or aren?t skilled enough to know a good hand.

Confidence and speed should go hand in hand. Why play patiently when you should be moving fast? When you?ve got it bet aggressively, don?t be afraid to go all in.

Run the pressure hot in the game with continuation betting. Again, know when to fold when your hand can?t handle too much pressure.

Be ready to claim the big prize. When money is involved people tend to play cautiously. Here?s where you move in.

Don?t forget to watch for tells. Even in online poker the amount of time it takes a player to make a move whether it?s a bet, raise, check or call it?s all a tell. Make sure to keep notes.

In the end when it?s just you and one opponent left get ready to finish them off. Raise and raise until they have nowhere left to run to. If it feels like they are using the same strategy on you counter with a huge re-raise this should allow you to take the glory.

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