Playing Against The Various Styles Of Different Poker Players

October 20, 2016 Posted in Poker Strategy

The distinct styles of poker players make them predictable during a poker game. The weak players, the tight players, the maniac players and the aggressive players all have unique characteristics which give out their position during the game. How can you identify them and play against them?

  1. The weak players

Although weak players make it easy to beat them, they need a unique approach to guarantee your win against them. First of all, never bluff them. Even though you are considering representing a full house or even stronger, the weak player can still call you enough with a second pair to make bluffing unbeneficial. The reason why bluffing doesn?t work is that they do not know what you?re trying to gain by bluffing so they will call anyway.

When playing poker against weak players, you need to raise your hands to the maximum. Listen to the signs their betting is showing you and act accordingly. The players will lack the skills and knowledge to make a reasonable bluff so if they called the flop, do the same and then fire a substantial bet when the third card hits.

  1. The tight players

This kind of player is regarded as the strongest sort of poker player. Such players are tight because they play when they are sure they have a good hand. They are aggressive due to the fact that if they stir themselves into action, they will raise rather than call. To stay in the poker game, they will push you to pay which means you should be convinced that you have the best hand.

Perhaps the simplest way to battle a tight-aggressive poker player is to fold when they start betting. When you know they have a very strong hand, don’t take them on. However, if you have an apparently unbeatable adversary, there is no dishonor in stepping down.

  1. The aggressive players

To combat the aggressive player, it’s better to play the TAG style, using a tight image. Look for areas where your range will be thought to be strong and their range is more likely to be weak. Next, you add some bluffs into your spectrum.

In order to beat the aggressive players, you must counter them by allowing them bluff when you?re sure you have a strong hand. You can also win by raising when you have nothing.

  1. The maniac players

With the maniac player, position is critical. Stay close left to the maniac if possible, but never stay on the immediate right part. Play tight in the early position and perhaps aggressive or tight-aggressive later.

Get the better hand. It might seem evident, but if you have got a good hand you can cajole a maniac into placing more cash in the pot by raising as well as re-raising them

In a very tight game, check first and call and check-raise often. Induce bluffs and also call down a maniac?s bets.

In a standard poker game, re-raise often to isolate a maniac. Call down raises and bets.

In a very wild game, don?t isolate a maniac. Play suited-connectors, ace, and pair-suited hands often. Check and call if the odds favor you.

Never attempt to bluff the maniac.

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