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July 5, 2016 Posted in Poker Strategy

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Due to the sky-rocketing popularity of poker, especially Texas Hold ?Em, and the potential financial gains involved, poker strategy has gone into overdrive in recent times. With huge prizes available in online poker, it is no wonder why the game is now so popular, and you can read more here about how to go about winning money in online poker.

In an attempt to get the upper hand on their opponents many poker ?experts? have devised their own strategies. Ultimately, the fact is that no single strategy will make you the best poker player and that thorough study of many methods is the best way in the long run. Despite this, many poker pros have endorsed their own strategies, which will always have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Strategies- Disguising Your Hand

When playing against good poker players, any little pattern you enter into can give away unwanted information. For this reason, Dan Harrington suggests that a variation in your opening bet amount can confuse your opponents. A varied opening bet could well achieve this, however, betting a uniform amount with every opening bet also gives nothing away and risks fewer chips. For this reason, the safer play to make in the long run is to give nothing away by making smaller opening bets of the same amount, limiting risk while also avoiding giving away information.

Getting Information On Your Opponents

As well as disguising his own hand?s strength, a good poker player will also be trying to get reads on his opponents? hands. In an effort to do this, David Sklansky suggests that raising your opponent can give you information as to their hand. A reaction to a raise can tell an experienced poker player many things, and could lead to being in a good position in the hand. However, it could also have the opposite effect, for example, if your raise causes your opponent to fold, a potentially bigger pot could be lost. At the same time, if your opponent calls your raise, this by itself does not give much away: your opponent could be bluffing, he could be on a draw or, even worse, he could be slow playing a monster hand.

How To Play Different Hands

A final strategy put forward by T.J. Cloutier, is that, when dealt small connected cards, it does not matter if they are not suited or not. The theory put forward is that, suited or not, the connectors will make a straight with the right cards, and that if they are suited and do make a flush, they could often be beaten by a bigger flush, potentially losing a lot of chips. Despite this, suited connectors will often make the only flush and win huge pots, and there really isn?t a huge amount of reason for this strategy to be more profitable in the long run.

These strategies show that there is no single ?foolproof? poker strategy, and that, as mentioned earlier, an excellent poker player will have a well-rounded knowledge of a number of strategies. Being able to bring them all into your game is the key to winning in the long run.

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