How To Deal With And Play Against The Recent Aggressive Style Of Poker Players

October 9, 2016 Posted in Poker Strategy

The game of poker is also evolving, and educational resources are readily available for all players. Although a lot of players are learning to use the aggressive style on the poker table. While adopting an aggressive style can be profitable, a lot of players don’t understand how to use the technique and their aggressive game becomes predictable. Using observational skills, you can detect their patterns and make smarter decisions while a player with an aggressive style poker player.

You will encounter three major types of aggressive poker players namely; the loose-aggressive, the tight-aggressive, and the loose aggressive/passive.

The loose aggressive type of poker player is rare and will raise hands, but will give up on the turn or flop. The loose and tight aggressive are quite common. These definitions are a great start, but you cannot out poker players into defined categories. Your observational skills will help you understand the range of hands they might play and the degree of aggression as well.

Use these simple strategies to play against aggressive poker players;

  • Define their hand range

The first step which is necessary when playing against an aggressive poker player is to define their hand range. Where the player is tight aggressive, how tight is their range? What of the loose aggressive players? This type will play a broad variety of hands and can do so from any position.

  • The degree of aggression

You need to know the difference between a person who?s playing aggressively but with value hand and not just bluffing hands. You must observe the player?s tendencies and understand how far they?ll go to get you off a hand. Here are a few basic kinds of aggression that can be seen from different players;

-????????????? Pot stabbers

-????????????? Solid stabbers

-????????????? Lagtard

  • Let the players bet for you

If the players are aggressive, let them bet before you if you have a strong hand. Let them bluff and throw the chips in the pot

  • Feign weakness

Before betting, ask yourself how you would play the hand if you didn?t have a good hand. It might include betting with a small amount or monitoring certain spots to encourage a bluff. You can check the river with the monster hand because they can?t win without their bet. However, it depends on the situation of the hand, but you can feign weakness against a person who has bet strongly.

  • Open your value range

It’s the opposite of saying be patient as you wait for the big hand so you can trap them. However, when playing against the aggressive players, don’t wait before you play back at them. This will not happen frequently enough. Also, they will know you’ve got a big hand since you have waited around all, though. This is why using this strategy against the aggressive players is recommended, depending on the situation or the person. Hands like King-Queen, Ace-Jack offsuit, King-Jack, and Middle pocket pairs have high value against the loose-aggressive player, but can be weak when you use them against a tight-aggressive player.

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