Strategies On How To Play Poker Profitably In A 3Bet (Re-Raised Pot)

October 11, 2016 Posted in Poker Strategy

As far as poker tournaments are concerned, 3-betting is usually known to be a very strong play. In a poker game, when a player raises and another person re-raises, it often sends a loud and clear message. This implies that the re-raiser is prepared to play a big pot as they have a monster hand. While the blinds remain the first bet and the 2nd bet remains the initial raise, the second bet is referred to as the ?3-bet.?

It is important to note that the message is not necessarily always true in the game of poker as it has evolved this ?massive strength.? In fact, even when the players hand is actually weak, they will often want to 3-bet with the aim of looking strong.

Before you 3-bet, there are some essential factors you need to consider. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, you are bound to learn from the basics of a solid re-raising strategy on how you can profitably play poker in a 3-bet.

As a complex area in the game of poker, it is not easy to effectively use 3 bets and defend against 3 bettors. This is why it is important to learn how to balance your 3-be ranges against any kind of opponent.

Optimal 3 Bet Percentage

Some folks will say rather than 3 betting out to position, it is better to 3-bet more in position. Well, whether in position or out of position an optimal 3 bet percentage is roughly the same, however, you could easily get exploited if you 3-bet too much from the CO or BTN as virtually everyone is aware of everyone?s 3-bet percentage in today?s games.

People can easily and profitably combat you by flatting or 4-beting especially when your range becomes too weak. So depending on position, there is no need to change the percentage of hand that you want to use that much instead, the type of hands you will be 3 betting should be what will change. Balance is essential when playing against players who are capable of exploiting ranges that are not balanced. To bet take advantage of your opponents, allow flexibility in your ranges and skew them at your own will especially if you are playing against fish who will not exploit unbalanced ranges.

Bet bluff hands

As part of adjustments that can be made in your game. The hands you are not 3-betting which are represented by ?bluff? hands can be changed. In this case, it is recommended to use the best hands that you cannot flat profitably. For instance, you can add hands that are as strong as JQo and ATo to your bluff 3 betting range if you cannot flat hands on them in position.

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